About Me

Hey, I'm Heather!

I'm the author of this blog and I LOVE to help amazing people like you find their best health through diet & lifestyle changes.  I write about ways to find customized holistic solutions to many common modern-day health complaints (fatigue, weight gain, skin problems, food sensitivities, & hormone imbalances, just to name a few).  I focus on healing with whole nutrient-dense foods, gentle exercise, and positive mindset shifts.

I hold a Nutritional Therapy Consultant certification through the Nutritional Therapy Association and am currently on the instructor team helping other students complete the NTC program as a group leader.  It is such fun and rewarding work!

I'm also currently immersed in Mark Sisson's Primal Health Coach Certification course, which I'm looo-o-o-ving.  Continuing education is a huge part of making sure I'm always equipped to serve YOU as best I can - check back here every so often to see what I'm up to next!

When I'm not writing about nutrition & healthy living or diving headfirst into amazing educational programs, you can find me at my other job designing fun signs for Trader Joe's!  (And shamelessly cashing in on that employee discount, wink wink.)

And if you're just dying to know more, here's a few fun facts about me:

  • I'm married to an amazing guy named Kevin, who happens to look like the love child of Keith Urban, Owen Wilson, and the oh-so-loveable Garth Algar from Wayne's World.  Ha!
  • I've got two fur-babies at home, a Brussels Griffon mix named Sammy (she's a girl and looks like an Ewok) and big white cat named Kyle (who I thought was a girl but wasn't, but that's a story for another time...)
  • I have a slight obsession with Jeopardy and The Big Bang Theory.  I know, nerd alert!!
  • My passion for nutrition came from transforming my own health & wellness and the more I learn, the more inspired I am to help others find ultimate freedom through amazing real foods and holistic practices!

Have fun browsing through my blog posts and feel free to contact me if there's anything you'd like more information on!  Whether that's a health question, a recipe, anything, I'm here to help!  Just use the form below to shoot me an email!  Thanks for stopping by my site, I hope you find something here that inspires you to be healthy & happy!